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Spread / Jam

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Ammonia-free Permanent Hair Color

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UV Vacuum Cleaner
UV Vacuum Cleaner

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Nuts / Seeds

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Healthy Snacks

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Dr Bronner's Magic Soap

Serumi Air Clean III
Air Elf

Franchise Opportunity
Franchise Business at ZERO Cost!


Serumi Air Clean III
Serumi Air Clean III

Juice Extractor

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Nalgene Bottles

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Taiwan Rice

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Ultra Life Science Supplements

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Soymilk Maker

Noni Black Hair Magic
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Preserved Beancurd

Franchise Business at ZERO Cost!

Start a Franchise Business at ZERO Cost!!!

* Ever wanted to start a business yet worry about capital and risk?
* Ever wanted to start a business that cover globally but do not have enough man power and experience?
* Ever wanted to start a business but unwilling to give up your current high pay job?

* If you are a shop keeper, sales promoter, sales personal working for shops, or running around doing sales;
* If you are a businessman looking for new opportunity;
* If you are currently running a retail business, running a shop but worry about the high rental, poor sales and declining profit;
* If you are a factory worker, supervisor, manager wanting to be your own boss;
* If you are a young graduate but do not have enough experience to start your business;
* If you are a hard working person but lack of opportunity;
* If you intend to start a shop but short of capital;
* If you just want to be successful and let your children enjoy better life in the future;

A rapidly expanding business is looking for business partners to run our franchise stores in Organic products, general merchandise or pharmacy in many countries worldwide.

Costs of rental, renovation, utilities are borned by the company, goods are sold on consignment.

Come talk to us and learn how you can start a business with ZERO cost. 
Call Ms Teo at 81282039 for more details.
Our products:
1.  Sourced globally from advance countries like US, Japan, Germany, etc
2.  Various product types covering daily use, personal and family use
3.  more than 2000 type of products
4.  products selling in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Korea, US, Japan, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan etc
5.  excellent quality, well accepted by many users
6.  new product launch every month
7.  competitive price
Product type
Household Cleaning
Health and Nutrition
Cosmetics and Fragrances
Personal Care for women, men and kids
Car Care
Organic Food
Food and Beverages
Kitchen and Cookware
Bodyshaping Lingerie, Undergarments and Apparel
Alkaline Hydrogen Water System & Water Purifier
Company background
1.  More than 30 years in this business
2.  multi billion market capital, listed in stock exchange
3.  parent company has many franchise businesses
4.  already established in various countries like US, Japan, Hong Kong etc
5.  well establish POS system connect from the world to head office
1.  expand globally
2.  good income potential without limit
3.  long term business
You may also visit our shop and see it yourself. Call Ms Teo at 81282039 for appointment!
BLK 848 #01-148
Yishun St 81
Singapore 760848
Tel 67592688


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