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Super DHA - S$83.00


DHA – Brain Invigorator (Docosa - Hexaenoic Acid)

Best Brain Food

Docosa - hexaenoic acid (DHA), one of the essential fatty acids found in human body. It is present in the human’s brain, as well as the conjunctiva, sperms, eyes, neurons, nerve cells, heart cells and breast milk.

DHA is a key fatty acid in both retina and brain and is usually present in large quantities in these tissue and is an essential building block of the brain, eyes and nervous system, especially important for early childhood.

DHA is especially important for expectant mother. DHA is passed from the mother to the foetus via the placenta. After birth, the primary source of DHA is break milk. Low levels of DHA have also been associate with memory loss, mood changes, visual and behaviour problems.

Research into the intelligence of breastfed and formula fed babies have higher IQ levers, as it is found that breastfeed babies have higher IQ levers, as breast milk contains DHA.

Scientists are concerned about the decline of DHA in breast milk, and they fear that it may interfere with normal development in children. In some countries, DHA is added to infant formulas. Deficiency may be a contributing factor in postpartum depression in new mothers.

DHA belongs to the N – 3 class of polyunsaturated fatty acids which also includes alphalinolenic acid and EPA and although DHA is much more effective in decreasing cholesterol level, the present emphasis of DHA usage has been in its prevention against retarding of learning ability and memory loss.
DHA is abundant in fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, sardine and albacore tuna. However, most of us do not eat sufficient quantities offish. Due to modern diet which consists largely of processed food, majority of us are deficient in DHAintake.

Others findings also revealed that DHA is helpful to prevent asthma restraining the production of leucotriene B4 which cause asthma. It is also helpful to relieve rheumatic inflammation.

Mannan Super DHA 45 is extracted from the fatty part of the eye of tuna fish. Then purified and with high – tech method concentrate it to a high level of more than 45%, a valuable nutrient. Unlike Omega – 3 oils that comes from the tummy or liver of the fish which constitutes very lw content of DHA.

120 capsules.


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Super DHA

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